Disinfects, Deodorizes and Cleans, All at Once!


Personal Hygiene
Naoclean disinfectants are available from convenient spray bottles up to 20L jumbo-size containers. Non-flammable, non-sticky, rinse-free and gentle on skin.
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Elder & Child Care
Naoclean protects our seniors and childeren against harmful germs without chemical side-effects. Our handwashing systems instill good personal hygiene habits.
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Offices & Hospitality
Naoclean's high pressure sterilizing washers combines the benefits of our disinfecting solution with the high pressure jet for deep cleaning of facilities
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Food Processing
Naoclean is certified by HACCP as a safe and effective food cleansing agent without the harsh effects of traditional chemical food cleansing agents
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F & B Outlets
Naoclean has the versatile capabilities to support an F&B facility's front-of-the-house (dining) and back-of-the house (kitchen) sanitizing requirements
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Naoclean is fast estabilishing its superiority in the sterilzing of medical instruments and probes delivering high standards at lower operating costs.
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