Disinfectant Generator

High-level Electrolyzed Disinfectant Generator

In-hospital Infection Prevention & Improvement the Care environments “NaOClean”

Product Details

01)Control board – 02)Door handle – 03)Side glass – 04)Magnet or sticking type – 05)Disinfectant outlet part


Name: Disinfectant Generator
Model: DES-P450(M) Medical
Rating: AC 110 or 220V, 50/60Hz,max. 1100W
Dimension:W260 X D560 X H580 mm
Weight: about 20kg
pH:7.05 Neutral water


Features of High-level Electrolyzed Disinfectant

1. In-hospital Infection Prevention, Improvement the Care environments
On-site Mass production of Powerful sterilizing water through electrolysis and High-level disinfection & cleaning within a short time. Meet the Activated free chlorine concentration of 650~675ppm which is Endoscopic Disinfection Criterion.

2. Easy and convenient one-touch automatic production
It can automatically produce a certain concentration with amount needed as required and can be used directly on-site by one-touch button operation.

3. Significant savings in production
Significant cost savings compared to traditional chemicals by using salt (or HCl). And Less than 1/7 times maintenance cost (based on Cydex OPA). Reduced labor time by shortening cleaning process.

4. Eco-friendly product with safety
There is no danger of using chemicals and no toxic smell, no skin damage caused by chemicals. Even if it is discharged as it is, there is no damage to environment pollution and drainage facilities.



Sterilization of Endoscope

-MRSA, MTB, E.coli, S.aureus, Salmonella, General bacteria, Virus and more 99.9% High-level Sterilization of all kinds of bacteria within 30 sec.

-Effective Removal Biofilm: It is difficult to remove bacterial biofilm on the surface of endoscope using tranditional chemicals, but it is easily and effectively removed with Electrolyzed water.

Disinfection of Medical instruments

-You can sterilize many kind of Bacteria on the surface of medical instruments and prevent cross-infection from them.

*Please note that it is recomended that rinse with tap water once after sterilization with NaOClean solution to prevent of corrosion.

Basic Principle

This system ensures reliable supply of electrolyzed disinfectant based highly active Sodium hypochlorite. Without affecting the pH level, just electric current passes through tap water mixed with a small amount of salt in an undivided electrolytic bath. Then the machine generates sodium hypochlorite water while keeping constant level.

Also, you can use other active matters such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) instead of salt to produce the hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and other disinfecting solutions.

Chlorine disinfectants are the most widely used sanitizer for tap water. NaOCl based disinfectants is mainly used to prevent foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza.


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