How to Properly Disinfect Surfaces In Your Home

Jin, 22 June 2020

Disinfection is more than just cleaning

Singapore’s Phase Two has just rolled around, and we here at NaOClean are just as excited as everyone else at the prospect of going out to our favorite restaurants and seeing old friends again.

We’ve had an eventful Phase One already. We donated more than two tons of our NaOClean disinfectant to twelve charitable organizations in less than two weeks (!), including churches, nursing homes, and community clubs. One of the organization’s even sent us a thank you note!

alcohol wipes to disinfect phone

Thanks for your services to the community too, Fei Yue!

But for all the great strides we’ve made as a nation over the past few months, we aren’t quite out of the woods yet. Even as you go out into this brave new post-Covid-19 world, remember to keep your home nice and disinfected!


The NEA (sort of) endorses us!

alcohol wipes to disinfect phone lists our active ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) as effective against Covid-19

One thing you can be sure of is that our NaOClean solution is truly a “disinfectant” and not just a “sanitizer”, meaning it is proven effective against almost all viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19. We certainly have the lab tests to back it up!

Using NaOClean

Our lineup of safe and effective disinfectant

Using NaOClean to disinfect the surfaces in your home is extremely simple:


  1. Use the spray or dispenser to wet the surfaces you are cleaning. These can include tabletops, floors, even the screens of electronic devices (as we’ve shown before in another article of ours, though be careful not to wet the inside of your electronics).
  2. Then, simply wipe dry with a cloth or mop. Sodium hypochlorite does have a mild corrosive effect (though far weaker than bleach), so it’s best to wipe it off any polished or metal surfaces.
  3. Profit! Or rather, have a party on your newly disinfected surface!

Just keep calm and clean on!

In conclusion, Singapore has made a ton of progress in defeating Covid-19 together, but the responsibility is still on each of us to keep our guards up and our homes clean. Stay safe everyone!

Check out our friends over at Channel News Asia for their own article on properly disinfecting the surfaces in your home. 

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