NaOClean Asia to donate 10,000 litres of disinfectant solution to churches and nursing homes

25 March 2020, Singapore 10,000 litres of NaOClean Asia’s disinfectant solution will be donated to nursing homes, senior activity centres and religious organisations in Singapore. This donation drive will take place from today till December 2020. Some of the beneficiary organisations include Fei Yue Community Services, St Andrew’s Nursing Homes, Thomson Road Baptist Church and St John’s Home.

Today, the NaOClean Asia team and strategic partner Ban Choon Marketing visited Thomson Road Baptist Church to make the donation, and support the church in sanitising its premises.

“The Covid-19 outbreak has made us more conscious of the fact that viruses and bacteria can stay in the air and on surfaces for long durations. We are hopeful that this donation of disinfectant solutions will go a long way in ensuring that we keep our environments safe for elderly and children. Our goal is to offer the best solutions that can keep communities safe, especially during this period,” said Peter Kim, CEO, NaOClean Asia.

Peter has been distributing several leading brands of air purifiers worldwide since 2013. A serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years, Peter has gained an in-depth understanding of the region through his various business ventures in Singapore and Korea.

NaOClean is a Korean brand of alcohol-free disinfectant solution with over 30 years of experience in the industry. It can be used to disinfect all surfaces and also be used as a hand sanitiser. The brand is launching in Singapore with this corporate social responsibility initiative to contribute resources to vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Safety measures in churches

It is very important for churches to implement measures to keep the congregation safe. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have implemented social distancing where members sit further apart. The church will also suspend all activities on the church premises from 22 March to 4 April. The NaOClean disinfectant solution will come in handy in helping us disinfect the church and also be used as a hand sanitiser for church members when we re-open for services,” said Peter Ng, Deacon, Thomson Road Baptist Church.

Alcohol-free disinfectant solution from Korea

The NaOClean disinfectant solution is produced in Singapore. This production facility is supported by a strategic partner Ban Choon Marketing. The disinfectant solutions are produced through an electrolysis of water with a tinge of salt. NaOClean’s machines generate sodium hypochlorite water through this process of electrolysis. According to the Korea Testing & Research Institute, the solution is clinically proven to be effective in killing viruses related to E.coli and H1N1 as well as the Salmonella bacteria.

How organisations can collect the sanitisers

Nursing homes and senior activity centres who need the disinfectant solution can get in touch with NaOClean Asia at NaOClean Asia will then assess these requests and make the donations on a case-by-case basis.


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